How to Save Money on Mobile Phone bills

how to save money on mobile phone bills

How to Save Money on Mobile Phone bills. The best and most simplest way to have a good personal budget is to reduce costs. Mobile phone bills can take up a big percentage of one income and blow out the budget. Here are some simple tips.

How to Save Money on Mobile Phone bills

  1. Firstly Before you sign up for a plan, read the fine print, watch out for mystery charges don’t get suckered in by a gimmick.
  2. Keep up with your carrier’s latest promotions. Even if you’re already a customer, you may be able to cash in some great extras.
  3. Track your talk time. Use the phone when the best price rate is on offer especially when calling long distance.
  4. Bundle you systems. If you have internet, home phone and mobile find a carrier that will bundle them. They may be able to provide you with a great deal. You may also be able to include cable TV.

Save Money when on Mobile Devices

  1. Take advantage of free Wi-Fi. Use Wi-Fi whenever you can, this will conserve data on your mobile and be saving you money. Free Wi-Fi is available in lots of place. like your work office, home, local coffee shop, shopping centers, gym or fast food outlets. Just check to see if you can access it.
  2. Use a prepaid phone. This can save you a lot of money without being locked into a contract. You will know exactly how much credit you have and what you’re being charged, so you won’t be in for any phone bill surprises.
  3. Use apps. Now a days everyone has a smartphone. Download one of the free texting apps to your phone, so you won’t have to pay for texts. Simply look on your google or apple market place for free texting apps and do away with paying for texts.
  4. Track Your Talk Time: Do you go over your talk time minutes each month? if so Then, it’s time to start tracking your talk time.
  5. Minimize Your Data. Only use your mobiles data when it is actually necessary. Find hot spots that offer free Wi-Fi connection and use there’s. Make sure to turn off your data when you are not using it. Even the smallest updates from your social media profiles will chew up your data.              

hopefully these simple tips help your personal budget bottom line and show you How to Save Money on  Mobile Phone bills


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