Save Money on Maintenance and Repairs

Save Money on Maintenance and Repairs

Keeping your budget working and not over spending can easily be undone when it comes to paying for general maintenance and repairs, here I will show you how you can Save Money on Maintenance and Repairs by taking on some of these simple tasks yourself.

when it comes to house or vehicle maintenance or repairs these can be extremely expensive and in some cases very dangerous so you must first assess the risk to your life and property verses the cost of having a professional do the job for you. you can budget for maintenance and repairs using the lifestyle budget software.

below you will find some basic tasks that relate to DIY (do it yourself) maintenance and repair to you vehicle and home that will help you to save money, and please only take jobs on you are confident with, as you will be doing them at your own risk.

Vehicle Maintenance and repairs

in this video it shows how to add air to your vehicles tires, with the right air pressure it will improve drivability, extend the life of your vehicles tires and lower fuel consumption.

Here you will find out how to check and clean your cars air filter, if you need to replace the air filter you can find filters for sale online on websites like eBay, or visit your local auto parts store. this simple process can save you money on fuel and damage to your vehicle.

Now on to the vehicle cooling system, keeping your engines cooling system and making sure it has enough coolant, if you cook your engine, due to over heating it can cost you thousands in repairs.

Here we find one of the harder maintenance jobs but is a great way to Save Money on Maintenance and Repairs, the Oil change, if your vehicle is under warranty I advise getting this done by a mechanic to avoid losing your warranty, checking and changing the oil can save thousands on repairs when done regularly.

As you can see, these video show how DIY can help you Save Money on Maintenance and Repairs to your vehicle. Now lets move on to some simple home based maintenance and repair ideas.

House Hold Maintenance and repairs

With small amounts of effort and cost you will see some great ideas to lower the cost of your electricity/power bills and save money on general home repairs. lets start with lighting, by switching out standard light bulbs with energy saving light bulbs you will reduce the amount of electricity you use and save on the cost of light bulbs as the energy efficient bulbs last longer.

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