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Within this area I will guide you through a steps by step Budget Software Tutorial. First setting up your budget and using the lifestyle budget software. This will include giving you a in-depth explanation of all the workings of the program. Get the best out of your budget.

Please start with step one. Here I will show you what you need, and how to enter your bill information. Once step one is complete then move on to step two.

Step Two. This is where the calculations are done against your income, Here the budget software will work out what financial position you find yourself.

Within Step three. I will explain how you should set up and use your bill account. These steps are all crucial for budgeting success, so please do not ignore them.

Finally. You may find you need some help with your budget balance. You will find I have some simple ideas that will help you achieve this with ease.

Budget Software Tutorial : Step 1

First thing you will need. Gather all of your most recently paid bills.

  • Enter the name of the bill followed by the amount of the bill.
  • Ok, Now select the date that this bill was paid.
  • Next select the duration that you receive this bill. 
  • Now click the button. “add new bill”.

Simple. Do this for all you bills.

Budget Software Tutorial : Step 2

Now its time to calculate your bills against your income.

  • First enter your income amount.
  • Select your pay cycle/period.
  • If you like you can select to have a budget buffer of 5, 10 or 15 %. (This will help to guard you against any bills that arrive higher than normal).
  • When you have completed these steps. click “Calculate Budget”.

You will now see some figures that shows your income. Your deposit amount. And your bill account balance.

The deposit amount is what you will need to deposit into your bill account each time you receive you pay/income.

The bill account balance is what is needed in your bill account at that very moment. (this figure will be recalculated daily). On payday make sure your bill account balance is the same as what is shown on the software. Once this has been achieved. You will need to deposit the “Deposit Amount” the next payday and each and every pay day there after.

Making the deposit amount easy. Set up a direct debit from your pay account. This will transfer the deposit amount into your bill account automatically.

Budget Software Tutorial : Step 3

Getting your bill account balance to where it needs to be. Now not everyone will have the funds available to get the bill account balance where it needs to be straight away. That’s ok, you can work on this over time. A simple solutions might be adding a bit more to your bill account each pay day to build it up. Or maybe even selling a few items you have laying around the house to get some extra money to add to your bill account. You could even start with lowering your bill costs by finding better deals. Or click on the “savings tips” button for some great ideas how you can reduce the cost of your bills.

(System Step 1). What ever you do. Get the bill account balance where it needs to be (on pay day).

(System Step 2). Transfer the “Deposit Amount” Once each pay day into your bill account. 

If you can Do this and you will always have the money to cover your bills.

By using the lifestyle budget software and 2 step system.

  • You will always have the money to cover your bills.
  • You will have more money left over each payday. 
  • Your Bill stress will be gone.
  • You will know that your finances are under your complete control.
  • No more worrying about not having the money to cover your bills.

budget software tutorial

Thank you for using the lifestyle Budget Software tutorial and Here’s to your Budgeting Success.

David Hall


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