Save Money on Credit Cards

Save Money on Credit Cards with these simple tips.

  1. If Possible Stop using The Card.
  2. Pay the minimum repayment + extra.
  3. Never use credit cards for cash advances.

These are the to most basic rules to reducing the debt of a credit card. if you find you are still struggling to get on top of the credit card debt. You may want to consider more drastic measures.

Save Money on Credit cards

  1. Contact the credit card company and ask for a hold on the interest due to financial difficulties or hardship.
  2. Consider a Balance transfer. You may be able to transfer most of the balance to a new credit card provider that will offer 0% interest.

Some providers will allow for multiple transfers. You can transfer multiple cards onto 1 new card. The Interest free periods can rang from 3 months up to 3 years. Find a card that offers a long interest free period and a low rate of interest when it comes off the interest free period. 

If you take this option make sure to CLOSE AND DESTROY the old accounts and cards. These must never be accessed or used again.

Reduce Credit card debt




Debt Consolidation

Consolidate all the debt into 1 loan. if you have more than 1 credit card and other loans you may think about compiling all into 1.

Consolidating all the debt will make it easier to handle as only one payment needs to be made. Only one interest rate will apply.

Save Money on Credit Cards by simplifying the process. Don’t think of it as hard or stressful. Look at it as freeing yourself from chains. Be sure to cut those nasty little credit cards up, and close the accounts.

Budgeting Your Way out of Debt.

To get out of debt does take time and patience. Budgeting your finances and sticking to your budget is the only way to really succeed back to a state of financial stability fast. 

Take control. Be accountable. Remove the easy accessibility to purchase without having the cash. Look forward and positive to knowing that you can and will be debt free and have financial stability in your life.

Its all a mindset you can do it easy.


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