Budget Demo

Welcome to The Lifestyle Budget Software Demo

The Lifestyle Budget Software Demo is a quick run though of how easy it is to create a Family or personal budget. 

How it Works

The lifestyle budget software lets you enter all your bills. It will then calculate how much your bills are costing you on a daily and yearly basis.

When you are finished entering the bills, you can now need to enter your income. This is set up for either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you have more than one income, simply add them together and enter them into the income field.

lifestyle budget software demo

From this point you can select to have a budget buffer. A buffer adds an extra 5, 10 or 15% to you bills. This buffer is to protect you against bills that may not come in as the predicted cost.

Here is where the real calculations happen. Simply click the calculate budget button. The software will now work out how much money you need to have right now to cover your bills.

The lifestyle budget software will also calculate the amount of money you will have to put away. Either each week, fortnight or month (which ever income cycle you chose) to continue to cover your bills.

Once the budget is completed. You can save you budget for viewing or editing anytime. The software recalculates your budget Daily and the bill account balance will change.

Money Spare

At the bottom of the budget you will notice a figure that show how much money you will have left over. This is now your spending/play money.

Saving For Special Item or Event

If you are wanting to save for a holiday or special item. First pick a date when you will want this by. 1 month, 6  Months a Year. enter it as a bill : (holiday) for eg, if you want to go in 6 months select todays date and the check half yearly box. Recalculate your budget and have your bill account balance to what it needs to be. Deposit the deposit amount needed. and in 6 months the money will be in your account ready for your holiday.

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