How to Save Money on Fuel

How to Save Money on Fuel. It is likely that you are as sick of high fuel prices. There is very little that any of us can do to directly affect this.

How can you save money on fuel?

You may or may not be aware that there are some easy methods for increasing the fuel mileage. Maintaining Your Car Helps You Save on Fuel and this has to be the simplest way!

How to Save Money on Fuel

Save on fuel. Drive your dollar further with regular maintenance and common sense .

To save on fuel does not mean having to spend extra at the local mechanic. Just doing a few weekly checks to your vehicle to make sure it is in optimum running order.

Don’t get caught up in the hype of products that offer dramatic increases to your vehicle’s fuel mileage. A magic pill may offer your car a boost, but will only end up costing you more money.

Below you will find some simple tips and techniques that will teach you how to save money on fuel.

Tire Pressure

This is one of the easiest way to make your car how to save money on fuelrun smooth. Having the right amount of pressure in the tires, creates less drag, better aero dynamics, smoother acceleration and easier turning. This will reduce the amount of fuel needed to drive the vehicle. Maintaining your cars tire pressure is simple and free. Fuel stations provide air pumps where you can add air to your tires when ever you pull in.

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Oil Changes

Oil changes are a great way to save money on fuel, and maintain your vehicle’s performance and running condition. Regular oil changes will reduce a vehicles fuel consumption, allowing you to save on fuel. You will have to spend some money on the parts to perform the oil change. Or you can have it done by a professional. Having the right grade of oil will make sure that your car is running at its best. Regular oil changes can reduce your fuel usage by one or two percent.

Engine Tuning

Engine tuning is regular maintenance that your car requires. Tune-ups help to ensure that your vehicle is performing at its best.

Air Filters

save money with clean air filters

Having a clean air filter will allow clean fresh air into your engine. Check and replace dirty, clogged air filters. this is easy and can be done by any one. Air filters are cheap and can be purchased online or any automotive parts store. Replacing a dirty air filter will allow your vehicle to breath easy and maintain the correct air fuel ratio. This will boost your fuel mileage.

Spark Plugs & Engine leads

save fuel with new spark plugs

Spark plugs and engine leads that are all working will reduce your cars fuel consumption. Replacing the spark plugs and leads every 6 months or 50 thousand kms. Your car will idle and drive smooth and use less fuel.

Vehicle Cooling Systems

cool cars save money

Be sure to look at your cooling system regularly. Cooling systems play a big part in reducing engine wear and fuel consumption. Engines that run hot will burn more fuel. Take the time to look for leaks and make sure the is enough coolant in the reservoir tank and radiator.

Vacuum & Air Hoses

These types of relatively simple and inexpensive maintenance tips will improve your cars performance. These are the best ways  how to save on money fuel, giving you more money in your pocket.

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