Cutting Heating Costs

Cutting Heating Costs in the cooler months is a great way to save money on electricity, gas and firewood, Proper furnace care and smart purchases can help you reduce the high costs of heating your house.

considering that energy bills which are already historically high and to continue to climb. it is only smart to find ways to reduce this cost.

To reduce heating costs, I offer these tips:

  1. Rug up, Learn to love socks and beanies, the heat from your body will escape quickly from your feet and head, cover up with a pair of nice warm socks and wear a beanie to keep your head warm. 
  2.  Nice Wooly blankets when sitting around the house reduce heating bills with blanketsmake for great insulators from the cold. this will reduce the amount of time that the a heater will need to be in use.
  3. Draft stoppers. keep the cold outside by checking around doors and windows for areas where cool drafty air can enter. seal these areas with draft stoppers, draft stoppers can be found at hardware stores and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes that cover multiple applications.
  4. Let the heat in. If during the day the temperature is warm allow the heat in. open curtains and blinds to let the natural light to shine through the windows to warm the home.
  5. Close up Early. Close up the home before the cold gets in. this will help to keep the warmth that is already in the home to stay warm longer.
  6.  Have Your Furnace Checked. check and clean your furnace so that it runs as efficiently as possible.
  7. Wood Fire places. Stock up on wood before the cooler months, go out and collect the timber for free to save big money. having timber delivered during the winter time will make cost add up quickly.
  8. Electric heaters. these thing really suck up the power. try to limit the amount of time they run and close up the room it is used in.
  9. Air con heaters. Another power sucking item, make sure to set the temperature to a comfortable setting. close off the rooms in the house that are not being used. limit the amount of time the air con is on and this will help cutting Heating Costs.
  10. Insulation. this would have to be one of the best ways for Cutting Heating Costs. Ceiling, wall and floor insulation will make a massive difference. not only will insulation reduce the cost of heating the home. this 1 time investment will lasts for 20 + years and it provides a great return for its initial cost.

Cutting Heating Costs

Try to implement as many of these simple tips to save money on your heating bills. Cutting Heating Costs doesn’t have to hard or costly.

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