Save Money on Power Bills

Save Money on Power Bills

Simple tips to Save Money on Power Bills. Your powered appliances and gadgets consume Save Money on Power Billselectricity at a large rate. Have you noticed the cost of electricity from the power company’s is only going up, up and up…

Lowering you electricity/power bill does not need to cost you a dollar nor do you need any fancy tools. Power bills can be reduced dramatically if you just implement these following ideas. In nearly all cases, a house hold will consume their electricity from heating and cooling. Comfort and entertainment, using heaters and air conditioners draws a lot of power so think. What can you do to reduce this?.

House Hold Heating

Save Money on Power Bills. Lets start with heating. If you find that you use a heater you may want to look around the door and window frames. Make sure that there are no drafty areas. To fix this. Make sure your windows, sills, doorframes are sealed tight. Place draft stoppers or sealant if needed. So the air from outside doesn’t mix with the air inside. If the heater has a temperature control it is a good idea to lower the temperature by a few degrease. Maybe even reduce the amount of time you have the heater on. Using blankets is a great way to stay warm in winter. Try lighting up a log fire if you have one.

House Hold Cooling

Talking about cooling. Well you pretty much just need to do the opposite of heating. A well insulated home will keep heat out and cool in and vise versa. Make using the air conditioning a last resort and limit the amount of time it is running. Close up any rooms that don’t need to be cooled. Set the air conditioner temperature at a comfortable 23-25 degrease C. Also by closing blinds/curtains will help to reduce the amount of heat and light entering from outside.

Save Money When Washing

Using the washing machine when doing laundry or even using the dishwasher. Make sure to have full loads, this will cut down on the amount of time these machines are in use. And it will increase their life cycle. You can save as much as 85 to 90% when you wash the laundry with cold water. Just this will Save Money on Power Bills.

Save Money at the Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the house hold appliances we all take for granted. This appliance runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year long.


It is a must to check your refrigerators temperature settings. if you find that you have a lot of ice building up in the freezer. You should Defrost the freezer section of your fridge. Look to see what the thermostat is set at. If the freezer is icing up a lot, the temperature may be set to cold.

Door Seals

Take a look at the fridge seals that run around the edge of the door. Check for cracks and breakages. Give them a clean and look to see that the doors seal properly. 

Combine & Concur

Clear the fridge and freezer of any food or drinks that will never be consumed. Have more than one fridge. Transferee the contents to the other fridge then only one is getting used.

Start Saving Money on Power Bills

With these simple steps you will notice a big reduction in your next electricity bill.

  • Switch items off at the wall when they are not in use.
  • Turn appliances off before you go to work or bed.

There is no need to be wasting money on electricity on these item when they are not in use.


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