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This is me David, Never really been photo genic but me none the less with my beautiful wife, son and daughter.

David Hall

 So you have found yourself at one of my many websites, welcome, so a little about me, after completing a IT web development diploma I really wanted something other than just websites to sink my teeth into, I wanted to provide a product all could use to help better there lives.

Money, Now that’s a topic we all need some help with at times ??? but where to from there. I had been budgeting our household income for a while and the way I was doing it took me hours, as I would set up a full year budget in one day, I did this so we could have the money available and on time for when the bills came in. So there it was. I would make a budgeting software that did exactly what was needed to have financial stability and do it in only a speck of the time instead of a whole day.

After 2 years and a little input from others the lifestyle budget software was created. Now it was time to send it out and see how many people I can help reach financial stability.

Reducing bill costs and getting bills paid on time is a big aspect of reaching financial stability, I know I don’t like paying late fees and charges on bills, and I don’t think you like throwing money away ether.

if you haven’t already make sure to down load the simple tips to saving hundreds each year, this book provides a brief yet straight forward account on how you can easily put money back in your pocket.

The lifestyle budget software will provide you a platform to take control of you finances, by reducing debt, bill cost and having the funds ready for when bills arrive, so no more late fees. using this technique you will also notice you have more money left over each pay day to play with.

This strategy of budgeting is and has worked for me for the past 7 years and will work for you, take this opportunity to change your life, understand I only offer my help to better people. and if for some reason the lifestyle budget software does not suit your needs you have my 60 day money back guarantee.

I want you to have nothing to loss and every thing to gain, give it a go. reach financial stability Today and let me hear about your story.

I Look forward to hearing from you soon

David Hall